Netop Vision Pro

Classroom Management 15 September 2013

The world’s most popular classroom management software
When you talk classroom management software, you're talking Vision. Teachers across the globe rely on it, and why? Because Vision offers tools for teaching that are easy to use, even for a first-time user. Classroom management has been proven to improve student achievement and it makes integrating technology in the classroom more intuitive - with a clean, simple toolbar that puts a rich variety of powerful tools in your hands.


Detailed Features

  • Demo (PC & Smart Devices)
    Give every student a front-row seat, present lessons directly on student computers or smart devices

    High-speed Screen Sharing (PC & Smart Devices)
    Share hardware accelerated or graphics intensive applications like AutoCad and Google Earth

    Showcase Student
    Build confidence when you let students share their work on every computer screen in class

    Pointer (PC & Smart Devices)
    Annotate lessons in any application with more than 20 shapes and highlighters

    Start Application
    Save time by opening the correct application on every student computer simultaneously

    Stop All Applications
    Block student access to applications with one click while you’re teaching or giving directions

    Remote Log On
    Sign on to all student computers with a common user name and password

    Blank Screen
    Focus student attention at the beginning of class or while giving directions by blanking computer screens

    Lock Web
    Turn student web browsing on or off for one student or the whole class from the teacher’s computer

    Filter Web
    Easily create lists of approved or blocked sites right from your browser to guide student Internet use

    Live View
    See any student screen in high-quality, larger screen in real time in a new window

    Remote Control
    Work through a problem with a student or take control of a student’s computer to demonstrate a solution

    WizTeach (PC & Smart Devices)
    Work through a problem with a student or take control of a student’s computer to demonstrate a solution

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