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Mobile Ready Remote Control 15 September 2013

The organizations we serve span regions and political boundaries. They may have hundreds to thousands of locations. They’re complex, global environments, and each one comes to us with a unique combination of needs and goals. Netop provides a comprehensive, scalable suite of remote support features, stalwart security and a single console from which to support all the technology your organization depends on.

Detailed Features

  • Core Features of Netop Remote Control

    • Remotely support and manage laptops, workstations, servers, POS, embedded systems, and mobile devices.
    • Broad platform support including Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.
    • Fast screen transfer and remote keyboard and mouse control for real-time, effective support
    • Use a single support interface for both attended and unattended systems using installable and temporary components
    • Use an offline list of remote connections for use when your machine is away from the corporate network
    • Allow users to contact the Service Desk team using request help notifications

    Support Staff Features

    • Simple monitoring capabilities with no keyboard and mouse interaction
    • Communicate with end-users through live chat, audio & video
    • Push canned messages for common support queries and send URL redirects
    • Send and retrieve clipboard content for quick access and sharing of information
    • Two-way drag-and-drop file transfer with optimization tools including delta transfer and crash recovery
    • Provide multiple access to the same machine allowing collaboration and escalation
    • Utilize marker mode for screen annotation to help resolve customer issues faster and help with collaboration
    • Execute common Windows functions and provide user notifications including restart, log-off, lock and shutdown
    • Lock the remote keyboard and mouse upon or during a session to resolve issues quicker
    • Blank the remote display for privacy during a remote support session
    • Customize and send hotkeys for quick access to common functions including Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ctrl+Esc and Alt+Tab
    • Demonstrate your screen to the customer and restrict running applications for privacy purposes

    Administrative Features

    • Manage system BIOS on computers with no active OS using Intel vPro support
    • Manage system services, registry, processes and event logs
    • Diagnose problems through a remote command prompt window without interrupting the remote user
    • Gather detailed information about hardware and software assets
    • Store remote connections in a customized hierarchy and share between Supporters for easy management and access
    • Define a list of common applications, documents and web resources that can be launched remotely
    • Send messages to one or more users for notification purposes
    • Create snapshots of the remote machine and save to a file
    • Redirect application ports through a secure tunnel allowing management of GUI-less systems, whilst maintaining regulatory compliance

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