Impero YouID

10 June 2014

YouID offers an intuitive and secure portal for seamless single sign-on to all your web applications. Sign in once to your personalised webtop and access everything you need for online working.

From everyday work tools such as Office 365, through to online resources and individual accounts such as YouTube and Gmail, YouID makes accessing, navigating and securing the cloud easy. YouID works from any browser and doesn’t need a client install.

The features:

  • Single sign-on                      
  • Centralised admin console
  • Password management
  • Portal personalisation
  • Role-based provisioning
  • Browser compatibility
  • Application library
  • Form-based authentication


Detailed Features

  • The benefits:

    Save time – The average person spends 30 hours a year logging in to multiple web-based applications. Multiply this by the number of individuals in your organisation and add on the administrative time spend resetting passwords and setting up new users. YouID dramatically reduces the administrative time associated with password management.

    Save money – By saving valuable time and cutting down the inefficient use of organisational resources, YouID will make a direct contribution to your organisation’s bottom line savings.

    Reduce risk – With YouID, users only need to remember one set of login details, making it a simpler and more secure online environment. And rather than storing passwords, YouID applies secure encrypted tokens to them, so there’s no risk of interception. Credentials remain safely in your central directory.

    Enhance use – The portal itself can be completely customised by the individual user, in terms of appearance, which cloud-based applications shortcuts are selected and which websites are accessed via single sign-on, form-based authentication. This customisation ensures users are compelled to return.

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