Impero Education 13 June 2014

Impero Education Pro combines network management, desktop management and classroom management in one single consolidated solution.

The features:

  • computer lab management
  • computer usage monitoring
  • e-safety
  • desktop utilisation
  • inventory management
  • print management
  • power management
  • patch management
  • licence management
  • remote control and support

Detailed Features

  • The benefits:

    Save money – By controlling print and managing power from the day it’s installed, Impero Education Pro dramatically reduces the cost of running a busy network. A typical return on investment from the power management functionality alone can be seen in just 6-8 months.

    Save time – Network Managers can respond to issues and fix problems remotely, saving valuable hours each day and reducing classroom downtime. Teaching staff see a reduction in classroom admin as many tasks, such as marking exams, are automated.

    Focus learning – Impero Education Pro is designed to keep students on task. Websites and applications can be blocked at an individual, group or entire network level and classroom control lies in the hands of the tutor. Real-time visibility of every user’s computer, in one central view, helps staff keep a close eye on usage.

    Reduce carbon – Cutting down on unnecessary print and applying power management restrictions across the network, including remote power on/off, reduces the environmental impact of your network.

    Stay safe – Keyword detection, website blocks and filters incorporate e-safety for schools and ensure students are protected and that violations are highlighted and dealt with in real time.

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