ESET Secure Authentication

v3.0 5 January 2015


ESET Secure Authentication delivers secure, yet hassle-free remote access to company network and data. A powerful mobile-based solution, it relies on two-factor, one time password (2FA OTP). The OTPs it uses are randomly generated, so they can’t be predicted or reused.

ESET Secure Authentication natively supports Outlook Web Access/App (OWA) for Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013. It supports critical endpoints - Exchange Control Panel, 2010 and the Exchange Administration Centre, 2013.

Use it with a broad range of VPN appliances and business tools, including Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Bolster the protection of your sensitive data accessed from outside the company - via a Remote Desktop Web Access login or VMware Horizon View.

Easy integration with your RADIUS-based services or via an API to your existing Active Directory-based authentication. Non Active Directory customers with custom systems can use the easy to deploy SDK.

Detailed Features

  • Two-factor Authentication

    Mobile-based, two-factor (2FA) one-time password (OTP) authentication for a higher
    level of security
    Native protection of Outlook Web App (OWA), VPNs and all RADIUS-based services
    Native support of Microsoft Exchange and other business tools
    Software only solution – no need to carry additional device or token
    Convenient for the mobile workforce

    Client Side (mobile app)

    One-tap installation, simple and effective user interface
    Delivery of OTP via client application or SMS
    OTP generation works independently of an available internet connection
    Compatible with any mobile phone supporting SMS messaging
    Supports a broad range of mobile operating systems
    PIN-protected access to prevent fraud in case of device theft or loss
    Serves multiple OTP zones, e.g. OWA access, VPN access, and others
    Apps available in these languages: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Slovak

    Server Side

    Out-of-the-box solution
    Easy double-click installation and setup
    The installer automatically recognizes OS and selects all suitable components
    SDK allows implementation into any proprietary company system

    Remote Management

    Supports Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
    Active Directory integration
    ESET Secure Authentication extends Active Directory Users & Computers (ADUC plugin)
    with additional features to enable managing the users’ two-factor authentication settings

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